Based on the needs of our clients, we offer conceptual design and development of any part or mold through the best CAD and 3D applications. We offer not only advice on the design, but also on the choice of shape and construction materials for the piece.


In general, we manufacture any type of model including boats, automotive, architecture, etc. Most of the time we can perfectly imitate the finish of the model with the real product since it is usually built with the same materials such as fiberglass, thermosetting resins or different types of metals among others.


We offer numerical control (CNC) machining services in materials such as polyurethane, wood or polystyrene, among others.
We offer the possibility of using our services in CAD design or you can send us your own design.


3D scanning to convert any part, mold or master model into a digital CAD model. The digitization process is of great importance for the creation of parts and molds since it allows us to obtain a virtual object from a physical object (reverse engineering) through our scanner.You can see videos of the process on our YouTube profile.


For the construction of any piece we will need the creation of a mold from which we will create said piece; At Pemar Composites we offer the creation of molds for all types of applications.
Each piece requires different types of resin (epoxy, polyester, vinylester), reinforcing fibers (carbon, glass, kevlar) and a different manufacturing process (vacuum compaction, manual lamination, infusion) so we adapt to the materials and process. most favorable manufacturing process for the creation of your mold.


Rapid prototyping is a process used to make items out of plastic, metal, or ceramic. Its manufacturing process is to add material layer by layer, maintaining the physical properties of a conventional method, but avoiding the manufacture of expensive molds to make a prototype that could change its shape.


We have a laser machine with which we can engrave practically anything on any material. We can design whatever you want or simply send us your design and we will engrave it on the piece. You can see videos of the engraving process on our YouTube profile.


At Pemar Composites we repair all kinds of products, both in fiberglass and carbon, such as bicycle frames and wheels, car body parts or pipes, among many other things.